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About the Bettie_Buddies:

The bettie_buddies was created by Brown Bettie (Camille Aktinson) and Boobookitty (Caren Adams) in February of 1999 in hopes of further bridging the gap between Bettie Page fans around the globe.

The Moderators of Bettie_Buddies are Caren Adams (boobookitty), and Dave Holle (Deputie Davie).

The Buddies have been in existence since February of 1999, and continues to grow, now with over 600 members! We started off with but a few avid fans of Bettie in our midst, as of March 2003.

When the Buddies were first formed, we had Theme Nights. Theme Nights were a fun way of getting together on-line and having a party - all in the name of Bettie Page. Our memorable Theme Nights included the Beach Blanket Bingo Party and the Fetish Night Party. When the Buddies grew in numbers to near 100, it became impossible to continue the Theme Nights as there were too many different time scheduling problems occuring.
For a trip down 'memory lane', check out the section we dedicated to our most enjoyable (and first!) Theme Night - the Beach Blanket Bingo Theme Night.

The Buddies is made up of an ecclectic mix of people, who have all joined this community to share their love of the 1950s pinup queen Bettie Page. We share photos, articles, merchandise info, personal testimonies of Bettie adoration, and more. Many of the Buddies have formed friendships, which is a very nice bonus!

A basic question you might be asking yourself is, "what is a mailing list?". A mailing list, or email group, is a group of people with common interests; in our case Bettie Page. An email group is given one email address to which all members send & reply messages to. Everyone who has joined the email group receives those emails. In our case, it's over 600 people who receive and have the opportunity to reply to these emails.
The Bettie Buddies don't have many 'rules and regulations', but there are a few guidelines that sometimes need to be brought into play (by use of a whip if necessary *wink*).
Check out these Buddie Guidelines for more info on this, and how the mailing list works.


Email the Bettie_Buddies Moderators with any questions/comments.