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Bettie Page by Caren Adams

Name: Caren Adams

Nicknames: boobookitty, Renca

Age/Sign: Aquarius, 1972.01.22

Boo has been a member of bettie_buddies since its inception in 02.1999!

Website URL - flexiblekitty

Location: Ontario, Canada

Bettie Thoughts: I found out about Bettie a few years ago after joining up on a Xena: Warrior Princess chatroom, where a fellow fan sent me a pic of Bettie thinking I'd dig her (I am a fan of raven-haired women with bangs - Xena, Vampirella, etc.). Suffice it to say, I fell in love with Bettie's image instantly! And, now here I am running a Bettie Page Webring & co-owner of the Bettie_Buddies. Bettie is the It girl! Her smile, her curves, her sexyinnocent appeal all make her the überpinup woman!

Interests: Nature, photography, art, comic books, pinup gals from '40s '50s, Batgirl, Irish McCalla, animals, cats <meow> ...

Favorite link(s): anything Bettie - Bettieville included! is a great search engine, which I use frequently. Check out my Yahoo! Profile for some great Clubs - mostly Pin Up stuff. :)

Favorite Bettie look/pic: All of Bettie's looks intrigue me due to her versatility & naturalness. There's a vintage 1954 mag, 'Peep Show', that I want 'cause it's also got a story/pix on 'Cat Girl'. meow!

Extras: Bettie_Buddies has a diverse community - all dedicated to Ms Page. For this, I am a happy kitty!