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This is Bettie Page!
Bettie's fame comes from her pinup-style modeling days in the 1950s, and she has had quite the resurgence during the past couple of decades. And now, into the new millenium, Bettie's beauty continues to shines through as an endless bright flame. She has a certain je ne c'est qua that captures the attention of the passerby. Either you love those startling blue eyes & dark fringe of hair above them, or you are indifferent. Here at Bettie_Buddies, we positively adore everything about Bettie Page - and we'll do our buddie-best to spread the word about this photographic goddess of days-gone-by. In the collage above you can see how photogenic Bettie was, and how she revealed different sides of herself - sultry, sassy, submissive, sexy, etc.

Bettie quit the pinup biz in 1957, and became quickly became a mystery woman! Does anyone actually know the truth about what became of her? Who knows. There are books written about Bettie, trying to unravel the mystery of her existence. One thing we know for sure is that she's alive and well, living in California. Currently, there is a licensing company managing the rights to use her image so that she's looked after financially. This company is called CMG Worldwide. Make sure you buy licensed merchandise (like Dark Horse, Fashion Victim, etc.) - then we know for sure that money is being sent to Bettie for usage of her image.

Bettie's photos have inspired many artists, the most famous probably being Olivia and Dave Stevens. For a great online gallery of both photos & artwork, visit the Official site, You can also find a bio on Bettie there, as well as an online store!

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