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Welcome to the Guidelines portion of the Buddies. All ready, it dosen't sound like much fun does it? Well not to worry, this will be quick and painless (well, if you want it to be *wink*).

First off, let's answer those nagging questions about exactly how the Buddies mailing list works, and what options you have.
Obviously, you want to join the Buddies because you are a fan of Bettie Page. Everyone else who has joined, or is thinking of joining the Buddies, are also fans of Bettie Page. So, this gives you the opportunity to find out more about Bettie, or to inform others about what you yourself knows.
To do this, just type up an email like you would normally do and address it to the Buddies email address (which you will know when you join the list). When you Send the email, it will be forwarded to every member of the list - which in our case is over 500 people. In turn, some of those 500 people will also be sending emails to the Buddies list and so you will be receiving mail from the list, too.

"But what if I don't want to get all that mail?", you ask. Easy! Just choose one of the options you have as a member of (from which the Buddies is run):

1. Receive individual messages, which means you will get every single email that is sent to the Buddies list.
2. Receive a daily digest that consolidates all emails into one full-text message.
3. View messages on the Web site, in your bettie_buddies section.
4. Select the "No-Mail" option to halt message delivery while you are out of town, or if the list gets too busy and you want to cut down on incoming mail.

Now, as far as actual 'Guidelines' are concerned, we simply ask these few things:

1. no spamming
2. no foul language/major swearing
3. no mud-slinging, flaming, disparaging remarks, or anything of that nature either towards Bettie Page or to everybuddie on the list

Most importantly, please be kind to one another and to Bettie Page. We respect Bettie Page immensely and would like to see everybuddie treat Bettie the same way, as well as one another.



Email the Bettie_Buddies Moderators with any questions/comments.