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bettie_buddies Beach Blanket Bingo

Bettie on BoatAloha all you crazy cats! It's the Bettie Buddies Beach Blanket Bingo night this Monday, February 22, 1999!

Time to Booga Booga with Bettie, who's hulahula-ing for us! So, dive on in - the water's fine! ;0)

Bettie always looks yummy in her sunny outdoors photos - where she herself said she was happiest during a photo shoot! Soak in those rays, Bettie - they become you!

Coney Island (a map of C.I. circa 1949 - close enuff to 1950's!) is the place to be for this Beach Blanket Bingo, Bettie style! We all met at the Steeplechase.

Sparkling water, warm sands, bright sun - all at our beck & call.


Let's not forget to turn on the Jukebox! Gotta Booga Booga to the Beach tunes of the '50s! Thanx go to Dave Holle for the music!

Visualize the Beach party:

boobookitty's Bikini fun! (a fun lil pic done by boo of ex-Buddie Dez, Brown Bettie, ex-Buddie Maria & boobookitty herself)

Sunbathing Bettie