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Name: Dave Holle

Nicknames: Deputie Davie, BoogaDave

Age/Sign: 45, Libra on the cusp of Scorpio

Dave has been a member of bettie_buddies since 2/10/99

Website URLs:

My home page
Dave's Bettie Page Page

Location: Naperville, IL (about 30 miles west of Chicago)

Bettie Thoughts: Can't remember when I first saw her, she was a part of the cultural fabric since I was a wee tot. But I luv that Bettie-tude, that smile, that wink, that twinkle, that wiggle!

Interests: Bettie, cartooning, Bettie, Macintosh, Bettie, computer graphics, Bettie, felines, Bettie, software development, Bettie

I'm slowly getting into painting... painfully slowly...

Favorite link(s): AIM A great way to get in touch on the net!

Favorite Bettie look/pic: Booga Booga Jungle Bettie!! Gotta luv that pose with her hanging from a limb with a knife clenched in her teeth, while making a claw with her free hand!

Extras: Thanks for being a bettie_buddie!