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Name: Camille Atkinson

Nickname: Brown Bettie, Bettie D (the "D" stands for Domination), your little brown bettie ylbb

Age/Sign: (Hahahaha) Sign: Libra

Camille has been a member of bettie_buddies since its conception!

Website URL

Location: New Yawk City Baby!!

Bettie Thoughts: Please no more musings, I'm writing a musical my muses are TIRED!!

Interests: Figuring out how to get a refund on my Acting Degree, Snogging with my sweetie (that's where I've been running off to.) Promotion of the Xena Night Parties in New York, Dancing, Cigarette girling (one of my jobs) and my 25lb cat--he made me type me...

Favorite link(s): Tim's new site, Meow Mix (for more info on the Xena bit!!) And of course Bettie buddies!!

Favorite Bettie look/pic: I just LOVE seeing that sweet little girl next door, smacking some impertinent..oh sorry, I mean uh...I think Bettie looks HOT with a whip...

Extras: First Runner Up 1999 Miss Bettie Page!! Currently performing the duties of the regining Miss Bettie Page...wonder why...