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 Bettie News You Can Use
I've been stunned for days. Sadly Bettie passed away on December 11 of pneumonia. She's God's own pinup now.  11-Dec-08
The Notorious Bettie Page is out on DVD.
Rick Klaw reflects on how his grandfather Irving Klaw has been portrayed in The Notorious Bettie Page.
Read the story of how Ellsworth Boyd took the last pinup photos of Bettie. You can even get your own prints, and all proceeds go to Bettie.
March 2006 Los Angeles Times interview with Bettie.
Check out Larry Elmore's striking lithograph of Bettie as a fantasy warrior.
PaperIcons often has unique Bettie images on the site and often up for bid.
The Bettie Page Annual Tribute party in NYC.
The legendary Bettie Scouts of America fan club has moved here.
Check out Linda Burk's Bettie Page Movie project.
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Got room in your email box for some Bettie banter with fellow fans? Then sign up for the bettie_buddies list.
Read cast member Ronald Bruce Meyer's thoughtful article about the play and Bettie. Since the play closed in November, they've put together a video version.
Here's the transcript of the 23-Sep-98 Bettie Page Live Chat.
In the chat Bettie revealed that she really likes Bettie, Bettie from honky-tonk revival band BR5-49.
Don Whitney passed away on 9-Jul-98. The space he left behind is filled with great memories, and I'm glad he shared some of them with all of us (including his rare color photos) on pp. 74-81 of Bettie's official biography. Don, we miss you.


The Net Talks with Bettie

Get Real!  Fire up your RealPlayer and listen in...
listen here!  The Picture Palace presents this 24 second audio clip from Bettie's 1952 appearance in Strip O Rama so you can hear the young woman you see in the pictures.
Transcript Read the transcript of the 23-Sep-98 Bettie Page Live Chat on


 Bettie Books
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Bettie Page, The Life of a Pin-Up Legend

Clearly the book to start with, this is Bettie's official biography as she prefers it to be told, concentrating on showing Bettie in all her glory. Richly illustrated with many photos you can't find anywhere else.

288 pages. Both the 1996 hardcover and 1998 softcover editions are out of print. If you find one, snap it up.

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Let Them Eat Cheesecake, the Art of Olivia

Crackers in Bed
"Crackers in Bed" by Olivia
While this book doesn't concentrate solely on Bettie, many exquisite paintings of Bettie are represented in this collection of Olivia De Berardinis' amazing artwork. One of them, Crackers in Bed, was the original inspiration for this web page back in 1994! Features Olivia's polished airbrush work, and her looser working drawings are shown as well, including sketches of Bettie.

Hardcover 112 pp.

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Bettie Page, Queen of Hearts

This fun book put together by artist Jim Silke explores Bettie's influence on popular culture. Includes photos of Bettie, as well as artists' representations of Bettie commissioned especially for this book.

Softcover 96 pp. Color. 1996

Klaw Collection cover
Movie Star News presents The Irving Klaw Classic Collection

What's this, a catalog in the book section? This isn't "just a catalog." Movie Star News has put together this compendium of 1950s pinup photos from the Klaw Studio, dedicated to the memory of photographer Paula Klaw. There's thumbnails of about 1,300 Bettie Page shots plus another 5,400 of other Klaw models including Lily St.Cyr and Tempest Storm. Make sure to request the Irving Klaw Classic Collection catalog so you get the right one. It's a tremendous amount of material for just $5.

Buy it here!
Bettie Page Confidential

Bottom line: 100 photos of Bettie mostly by Bunny Yeager. A half dozen by Klaw. Sure, there's a forward by Buck Henry, there's a biography with no details past 1957 and Bunny shares her remembrances... but I don't think you'll read it for the articles!

Softcover 128 pp. B&W. 1994

Buy it here!
The Real Bettie Page: The Truth About the Queen of the Pinups

Bettie's definitive unauthorized biography. Unlike the lavish Bettie Page, The Life of a Pin-Up Legend this book doesn't gloss over the parts that Bettie isn't proud of. While there's not many pictures, The Real Bettie Page does have the distinction of having the most recent picture of Bettie I've seen -- too bad it's a mug shot.

Hardcover 240 pp. 1997

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Betty Page: Queen of Pin-up

B&W and color photos of Bettie from Irving & Paula Klaw, Art Amsie, Bunny Yeager, Robert Harrison magazine, and notorious camera club photos. I've heard whispers that some of these pictures were published without permission.

Text in English, German, & French. 8 1/2" x 12".

Softcover 77 pp. 1995

Buy it here!
Betty Page Postcard Book

30 postcards by Bunny Yeager, some in color.

Softcover 1996

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Sources for Bettie Stuff

 dave@bettieville.comPlease email me if you have an item to share!

Argo City Company, 136 Confair Pkwy, Montoursville PA 17754 USA, TEL 1-800-345-9155  offers Bettie's official phone cards.
A.R.S., 24307 Magic Mountain Parkway #124-BI, Valencia CA 91355 USA  has over 30,000 Pin-Up magazines in stock, including photo sets and over 100 Bettie titles. Catalog: $3.
Atomic Books, 1100 W 36th St, Baltimore MD 21211 USA TEL 410-662-4444 "Literary Finds for Mutated Minds!"
Online bookstores and are worth searching -- they both have several Bettie titles at a discount.
Bettie Page herself can be contacted in care of The Bettie Scouts of America, below.
Love + Kisses! -BettieThe Bettie Scouts of America is Bettie's official fan club. Send a postcard to: Steve Brewster, 2641 S 53rd, Dept dav, Kansas City KS 66106-3365 USA, TEL 913-432-9278  Steve will gladly forward your mail to Bettie. Please keep it appropriate, and supply enough postage for forwarding.
Bud Plant Comic Art, PO Box 1689dav, Grass Valley CA 95945 USA, TEL 800-242-6642  Many Bettie-related items. $3 for a fabulous catalog, refundable with first order.
CMG World Wide now represents Bettie.
Glamour Girls: Then and Now from Steve Sullivan, author of Glamour Girls of the Century and Va Va Voom! Back issues available.
Ken Ritchie Collectibles, P.O. Box 22604, Memphis TN 38122-0604 USA, FAX 901-323-4726  The only dealer for all back issues of Fond Memories plus new and vintage pinup mags. US residents may send a legal-sized SASE with 2 oz. postage and request his Bettie lists.
Movie Star News, 134 West 18th St, NYC 10011-5403 USA, TEL 212-620-8160  Home of the Klaw studio, still making Bettie pinup images available! Catalog: $10.
Paper Icons, as and, offered rare photos & hard to find Bettie Page treasures. Now as the selection will be expanding beyond Bettie.
(updated)  The Picture Palace has those hard-to-find Bettie videos!
The Playboy Store sometimes offers Bettie Page items that are available nowhere else.


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