Bogus Betties
t h e   s i n c e r e s t   f o r m   o f   f l a t t e r y

Catherine smiles
for Bettiephiles

Christa CampbellChrista Campbell recreated Bettie
for the E! television special,
From Pin-Up To Sex Queen: Bettie Page

Pandora Productions model Darla Crane
looking good in the Bettie look

Darla Crane as Bettie

MollyRumble Kulture featured Molly on a past Pin-ups Page

Jessica Dee cavorts as a Rumble Kulture Pin-upJessica Dee

Malibu Juliette"Malibu Juliette" in Bettie mode

Romana Machado pays tribute to BettieRomana Machado
***More Bettie Page look-alikes will
show up here as I whip this together.

Special thanks to: Cathy, Malibu Juliette, Mark Keller,
Jesse Loya, Romana Machado, Lou Nigro and Andy Pasulka.