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Name: VoNNie {= )

Age/Sign: April 19th, 1980 - Aries: A born leader, strong, willful, and intelligent.

Nicknames: Ummm... my dad used to call me StinkBug when I was little. =0P

Yvonne has been a member of bettie_buddies since 4/24/99

Website URL - Inferno Grrrl

Location: Riverside, Southern California

Bettie Thoughts: Hmmm, the first time I saw Bettie was about 5 years ago on some late late night cable show that played cheesy old movies. They were showing clips of old strip teases and stuff and one with Bettie came on. I was mesmorized. She was soo gorgeous - even in that old black and white clip. Her presence was magnetic. Bettie just oozed sensuality. It was amazing. I was soo impressed, I decided to do some research on her. When I discovered her other pictures I was even more impressed. Bettie took sensuality to a whole new level that I've never seen before. She was soo sexy, yet so innocent at the same time... beautiful, a true piece of art that woman is...

Interests: Bettie Page, Dita Von Teese, fetish models, cheesecake/pin-up art and photography, tattoos, body piercing, body mod, body art, "artsy" B&W photography, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, erotic art, classic cars, vintage fashion, Rockabilly, swing, punk, ska, hardcore, alternative, greasers, dogs and puppies especially, animals, dancing, stilettos, red lipstick, old movies, leopard print, webpage design, chatting, HTML, goatees, sideburns, voluptous women (especially brunettes), biology, zoology, genetics, microbiology, veterinary medicine, etc.

Favorite link(s): Fredericks Of Hollywood, Stiletto Shoes, Inc. , and this site, Bettie Buddies ( of course! {= )

Favorite Bettie look/pic:
Vonnie's Fave Bettie pic

Extras: Feel free to contact me, fellow Bettiephiles. Yahoo IM: hell_kitten_909, AIM: HeLL KiTTeN 909, ICQ: 81954634. {= )