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Name: Thomas

Nickname: Tom

Age/Sign: 34, Aquarius

Tom has been a member of bettie_buddies since 9/28/99.

Website URL

Location: southern germany

Bettie Thoughts: She is a dream woman. I saw a picture of her somewhere on the net, then somehow I found out the name of the lady, and after this i tried to get all the pics of her that I could. She is my personal goddess: attractive, sexy and naughty. A mixture like my own wife :-) the only difference is the colour of her hair.

Interests: Bettie Page Pics collecting,Photographing,my wife,my family

Favorite link(s): all links with pics of Bettie Page

Favorite Bettie look/pic: my favorite Bettie Pic is the one you can see on my shirt