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Name: Ron

Age/Sign: 55 (Sagitarius)

Ron has been a member of bettie_buddies since 2/5/2001

Location: Fresno, CA

Bettie Thoughts: I first saw her pix in magazines when I was a boy and thought she was so very beautiful. It probably imprinted on me because she was the type of woman I wanted. Later, when I met my wife, I'm sure I was initally attracted to her because there were aspects (although they dont look alike) that reminded me subconsciously of my boyhood infatuation... that was nearly 35 years ago! I've exchanged mail, Christmas cards mainly, with Bettie Page and she has said some very nice things about my historical biography books. She was also delighted when I told her of the connection to meeting my wife. She will endure as long as those of us who are her fans and devotees are here to remember her. She is a wonderful person and we have her to thank for much of the liberation from the unreasonable, irrational sexual public taboos of the past.

Interests: history, writing, travel, cooking - besides Bettie Page... Am a high school history teacher.

Favorite link(s): too many to list

Favorite Bettie look/pic: I cant pick one simply because she is so stunning in all of her poses... it's like asking which finger or toe is your favorite...

Extras: I'm delighted that such a club exists and hope that Bettie benefits from it. She certainly deserves to.