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Name: Pattie Page, Patricia

Nicknames: Bettiesque, Vixen, Shalea, Shaliera (Mirc), lipstickqueen

Age/Sign: Like I'm really gonna tell ya my age!! But my sign is Aries...moon in out!

Pattie has been a member since 9/20/99

Website URL:

Location: Oklahoma, land of tornados. Originally from Nashville, TN - Bettie-Land!

Bettie Thoughts: I'm a stay at home mom who has a cute little 4 y/o red haired girl. I have loved Bettie for several years now. She has become my role model. She just makes you feel so happy when you look at her pictures. She has a woman/child quality that is seemingly lost these days. I love you Bettie!!

Interests: Anything Bettie. The Occult, Wicca/Witchcraft, psycho-erotic movies. Trying to figure out how to be a Christian Witch.

Favorite link(s): Anything Bettie

Favorite Bettie look/pic: Can't pick just one. But I love the ones of her in leather, with those long leather gloves.

Extras: I once got a letter from Bettie!! She is sooooooo sweet! I also have several autographed pictures of Bettie and three of Olivia's prints which are signed by Bettie and Olivia. Bettie heaven!