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Name: Mei Yau

Nicknames: Miss Kitty, Miss K

Age/Sign: 19

Miss Kitty has been a member of bettie_buddies since 2/24/99

Website URL

(Presenting Miss Bettie Page)

Location: Brighton, UK

About Bettie: I remembered her image vaguely from magazines and such seen years ago but it was only last year when I got into Bettie in a serious way. It seems such an integral part of me now that I cannot recall how or why I came to so eagerly search for all those Bettie Page web sites on the school computer everyday. But I know that I fell instantly and helplessly in love. Bettie's appeal, for me, is hard to pin down to one thing - those cute expressions, genuine smile, perfect poses, outfits, her exuberance, that she was a strong and independent woman in the 1950's, that she never regretted her career, that body, the hair... I can't collect my thoughts enough to start! My obsession quickly escalated. I was scouring for pictures everywhere, phoning places selling vintage porn, getting back issues of magazines. Soon I had bought Life of a Pin-Up Legend, cut a fringe and grew my black hair long. Although I am still a novice in the world of Bettie fandom I feel like a true fan now. Seeing Bettie makes me happy; I can't help smiling and squealing with excitement when I see my favourite pictures.

Interests: Alternative music and Bettie rock my world! I DJ on a univeristy radio show every week, read (Bret Easton Ellis, Dennis Cooper), maintain my websites and try to be a good girl!

Favorite link(s):

Favorite Bettie look/pic: Bondage Bettie mostly and Seaside Bettie, ooh, it's hard to nail it down. I really love that picture of Bettie with the scary toy monkey though...

Extras: The list is ace and the Buddies are the friendliest people you could ever meet. And listen to Gretschen Hofner - Betty Page Is Back...