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Name: Melina B.

Nickname: Dixie, Queenie, Lina

Age/Sign: 13 for the 3rd time (the only important number ages are 13 and anything above 80) In egyptian astrology I am Isis, in western I am on the pisces/aries cusp

Melina has been a member of bettie_buddies since 4/24/99

Website URL

Location: richmond va.

Bettie Thoughts: I think she's got a wholesomeness and.... I guess an inocence, but more of a wholesomeness, nice but not dormat kinda look and precence to her that models nowadays lack. I mean, it's like she's standing there with her clothes off, but it's not whorish or slutty or jaded like the models of today

Interests: culture (lit, art, pop, fashion etc. and everything else including histoire), science, math, Pee (i am writing a book called the joy of peeing)

Favorite link(s): Salon Magazine Brazen Hussy

Favorite Bettie look/pic: the one where she's got a little doll on the couch and she's in a bra with her hair all waved smiling ssooooooo sweetly

Extras: It's all about power, evil and hostess cupcakes. It all starts with shoes. I am the mother of all salmon.