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Name: Mark Braun Fanboy

Nickname: hmm...Marcus(?)

Age/Sign: born 8-9-1954, Leo

Mark has been a member of bettie_buddies since 4/20/99

Website URL:

  1. giggle at my receeding hairline at: Braun Family
  2. visit my daily cartoon strip LAURA'S LUNCH - you may note some funny similarities between our fav dark angel and the kid "Bettie" who periodically pops up. I also drew the famous black bangs on Laura's friend, Jordan.
  3. Fanboy Page

Location: near Chicago, Illinois

Bettie Thoughts: I remember her from those old "wankers" that a neighbor kid found in his grandfather's room. Over the years, she popped up on kitchy matchbook covers and when Dave Stevens used her in the Rocketeer, I freaked. Luckily, there were a lot of comic people that I'd known who were hip to Bettie, too, but not all of them grew up in the era(s) I did, so it's more than nostalgia, it's history. I sent BP a couple of hand-drawn cards (with checks, which is the right thing, I think, to do) and typeset her stolen poem which Steve Brewster says she has framed and another laminated in her purse. She may be one of the most sensual hidden treasures of all time...

Interests: all things Mac, weird conspiracy theories, time travel, great painted art from Gil Elvgren to John Singer Sargent fan of Mitch O'Connell art I'm supportive of some of my old comic book buddies, but rarely buy comics. I own pages by Mitch O'Connell, Alex Ross, cartoon cells, and an <possible> original Charles Dana Gibson. There are lots of great <personal> autographs and memorobilia around the house from John Waters to Richard Nixon, but they're personal accumulated "stuff" and not really a collection; more like roadmarkers that someday will make a great book (but they won't cause a gentleman never reveals secrets). That and my Xena action figures make this mundane life complete. When you hang around smart and interesting people, life becomes your hobby :)

"It's all incidental, not integral" – Ruth Gordon from Harold & Maude

Favorite link(s): Happy Dots

Alex Ross site by Lisa Beaderstadt (the model for Alex's Wonder Woman in Kingdom Come)

Paul & Judy's cards ... they have everything!

hollywoodxposed is my fav naughty celeb site. Gone commercial but still cool!

Favorite Bettie look/pic: MovieStar News #BP 32, BP102, and her Bunny Y pix

Extras: I'm very happy to meet this group. There sure are alot of total a**holes around dealing BP stuff and while I enjoy the cool stuff cropping up, tosing a few bucks to BP herself is also pretty righteous, too. I'm a BP Scout and a true fan of Dave H, who is almost a neighbor. We must meet at a comic convention one day, DH!