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Dana Dark - yummy!

Name: Dana Dark


Age/Sign: 29/Sag.

Dana has been a member of bettie_buddies since 2/3/00.

Website URL: Dana Dark's Yahoo Group

Location: Houston, Tx.

Bettie Thoughts:When I was young around 15 I fell in love with black hair and I started to dye my wavy hair with bangs black ( I still do) and a few years later a lot of people had came up to me and told me that I looked like "Bettie Page" not just the hair but my face as well. I had no idea who she was. Back then info on Bettie was hard to find but when I did I could not believe what I was seeing. I thought that to be a pin up girl back then you had to be blonde and play stupid. Not only was Bettie a one of a kind gem, I didn't even think that bondage even went on back then. I think Bettie is beautiful and their is just something about her that can take you to different places of sexuality and her face and body show every beauty known then and now and she is that of a pure woman.

Interests: Music. Im a DJ that spins 2 nights a week here in Houston. Goth,Deathrock,Psychobilly and Industrial/Electo. I work for a music management company and I have a concert production. I also study the occult sciences "witch" has been a long term passion of mine. Im also a BIG toy collector. Nightmare Before Christmas, Bride of Frankenstine, Wendy from Casper, old Halloween stuff. To make it short any thing Spooky.

Favorite link(s):


Favorite Bettie look/pic:That's too I'll say this, I like the way she moves and those cute faces she makes in teasearoma.....