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Name: Stacy W. Burlingame

Nicknames: Captain Howdy or The Captain

Age/Sign: Scorpio: BD 11-13-68

Captain Howdy has been a member of bettie_buddies since 2/12/99

Website URL: LiveJournal

Location: Eau Claire Wisconsin, USA

Bettie Thoughts: She is a perfect example of the female form; which makes it difficult to find a non-jealous female that can accept my life long love affair that I have no intent of giving up. = )

Interests: Bettie, tattoos, country music, Patsy Cline, Leinenkugels memorabilia, and spending time with my pets.

Favorite link(s): Any Bettie Buddie link would have to right up there towards the top... no Fav links come to mind... I have lots bookmarked, What I surf are Bettie, Tattoos/Piercing, and stuff that would give the general public nightmares... I have an attraction to the gross/bizarre, sorry bout that...

Favorite Bettie look/pic: See my back Tattoo... = ) Too many to pick from but I have a special fondness for the Yeager/fishnet poses... I have never seen a bad Bettie pic...

Extras: I am very thankful to have made a the friends I have made here on Buddies. On life...- What is, is; What will be, will be: What was, was, but will never be again. Favorite Quote- To loosely quote Morrison- (and I apply this towards my view on my life)... <eh hem>... "You know how I see myself? Like a great shooting star, a huge fiery comet; Where everyone stops, gasps, and points up and says, "Oh look, Oh look at that!!" Then- Whoosh, I'm gone...and they'll never see anything quite like it ever again...and they will never be able to forget me."