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Name: Amanda

Nicknames: Snow White - Bettie Page - Demanda (grrrrowl!)

Age/Sign: Yes I'm a youngin', 18... but I'm also a firey Aries queen!

Amanda has been a member since 9/19/99

Website URL:

Location: The Beee-u-tiful Southern California Coast

Bettie Thoughts: I first saw Bettie about 5 years ago on the cover of a book as I was shopping one day. I had always had bangs all of my life (even when they weren't cool) and I was so shocked to see a woman like Bettie with bangs like mine. So to make a long story short, I've been utterly inthralled with the goddess we all know as Bettie Page, ever since. She's a woman for all eternity, a woman of true beauty that sets the standards straight of what a true lady looks like. She's sexy, seductive, mature, vivacious, yet innocent and childlike. Viva Bettie!

Interests: I'm currently a sales slave at (yes, yes girls) Victoria's Secret. I also have been doing some modeling for a few private photographers. It's very Bettie-ish kinda stuff my the beach! But I'm also a student, an artist, a amateur fashion designer, a web mistress extrordinaire, and the leader of a whole gaggle of Bettie Page look-alikes. What more info? E-mail me for details!

Favorite link(s): Too many to say! I'm obsessed with looking at webpages, so my favorites are forever changing!

Favorite Bettie look/pic: I loved the early camera club photos of Bettie, they really let her true spirit show. The Bunny Yeager pictures were pretty sizzling too... especially the leopard ones.

Extras: If you happen to be so lucky as to resemble the lovely Ms. Page, please e-mail me. I currently run a page titled "The Shrine of Bettie Page Look-Alikes" and it includes over 60 girls that shine Bettie's face pretty darn true! I'm always looking for new beautiful faces, so girls here's your chance. Shine like the star that you know you are.