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You are now in Bettieville! This website is for the fans of Bettie Page,
and for the members of the mailing list Bettie_Buddies.
Enjoy visiting our online abode, and as we like to say in Bettieville,
"Booga Booga!".


To initiate yourself into what the Bettie_Buddies' is all about, visit the 'About Us' page. And for a primer in Bettie, visit this page.

Join the Bettie_Buddies, and become a member so you can post and read messages, share files, and other activities.

Don't forget to take a peek through the Buddies Album, where you can find out about some of the members of the Bettie_Buddies mailing list!

We've got a great Links section, which will be expanding very soon!

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